Teen Talk chapters

Chapters one, two and three of Teen Talk contain training materials for you to work through. You may work through these in any order; you do not need to complete one chapter in order to move on to the next. Chapter four contains extra resources to support your learning.

This chapter aims to develop participants’ skills in observing and analysing adolescents’ talking or expressive language.

In this chapter, video clips show young people engaged in an expository discourse task where they explain how to do and take part in an activity.

This chapter aims to facilitate participants’ knowledge of communication difficulties in adolescence.

The video clips in this chapter show examples of young people with different communication difficulties.

This chapter aims to enable participants to understand the life experiences of adolescents with communication difficulties.

The video clips in this chapter show young people talking about their earlier experiences at school and in other situations.

This chapter contains resources which may support your learning. You will find information on strategies which you can use to support effective communication, and links to sources of further information.